The Illustrated guide to Bitcoin

A beautiful, illustrated journey into the world of Bitcoin.
The ultimate gift to help your family and friends discover Bitcoin.

Learn Bitcoin now.

The Illustrated Guide to Bitcoin is made of 8 beautifully illustrated chapters that will let you discover the world of Bitcoin.

  1. Chapter 1What is money?
  2. Chapter 2What is Bitcoin?
  3. Chapter 3Bitcoin advantages
  4. Chapter 4Storing Bitcoin
  5. Chapter 5Buying Bitcoin
  6. Chapter 6Bitcoin Security
  7. Chapter 7Bitcoin Misconceptions
  8. Chapter 8The end and the start

Why this book?

✅ For newcomers to Bitcoin. A simple introduction, illustrated as a book for children.

✅ The perfect gift for your friends that needs to be introduced to Bitcoin.

✅ For busy people. We just describe the essential, it's fast to read!

✅ Comes in a large format 8.5"x 11" (21.5 x 27.9 cm).