About this book

For several years we tried to convince our relatives and friends of the revolutionary nature of Bitcoin and its implications in their daily lives. We engaged in numerous passionate conversations with them where we never tired of explaining the concepts behind Bitcoin and its significance.

Howewever, with many of them, we felt that we were missing something to help them understand what Bitcoin is and why it is a very important invention. This is why we started thinking about this book.

Having both of us had children recently, we came up with a last attempt at presenting the topic of Bitcoin. We decided to bring to life a book about Bitcoin that was as accessible as possible, featuring easy-to-understand concepts supported by beautiful illustrations. A book illustrated as one for children, explaining in the simplest possible terms the key ideas behind Bitcoin. We also wanted this book to be very quick to read for those that have little time available (or patience).

This is how The Illustrated Guide to Bitcoin was born.

While this book started as a fun side project, it evolved into something that we believe can really help people approach to Bitcoin. Eventually, we decided to put some real effort into it release it to the large public. For the experts: the book makes many simplifications and skips a lot of details that are much better explained in other sources (see for example a few in in this page).

We hope you will find the book useful, and a good gift for your family member or friend to finally understand the importance of Bitcoin, while its adoption grows incessantly. You don't want them to miss out! LFG! 🚀🚀🚀